2011 Artist in Residence



Hui No‘eau’s Artist in Residence program offers invited artists a rich environment in which to create — one that encourages freedom, risk-taking and provides a wide range of opportunities for the artist to interact with the community. Program goals are: to augment the curricular efforts of the Hui with innovative training, facilitate interaction between artists across disciplines, empower students with a new perspective and exchange of ideas, and foster our standing as a place where the arts are vital and diverse.

2011 Artist

Combining carpentry skills with a love of nature, North Carolina-based Patrick Dougherty began learning about primitive building techniques and experimenting with tree saplings as construction material in 1980. Small works and single pieces on conventional pedestals soon grew into monumental site-specific installations that required sticks by the truckload. To date Patrick has built over 200 such massive sculptures all over the world and received numerous awards, including a Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant and NEA Fellowship. Princeton Architectural Press published a major survey of Patrick and his work in a 2009 book entitled Stickwork.


[Ho‘ololi: To transform, alter, change, convert, exchange, take a new form, amend]
The Hui was tremendously proud to work with world-renowned environmental sculptor Patrick Dougherty for a September 2011 residency. During his 3-week stay, the artist worked directly with the community to develop, plan and create a site-specific installation using saplings of invasive tree species*. The final sculpture entitled On the Wild Side marks the launch of Ho‘ololi: The Environmental Art Garden, a new public art program which aims to cultivate community and raise awareness about Hawai‘i’s endangered ecosystems by inspirig conversation, encouraging public participation, and creating fellowship between artists and environmentalists. Each year, we will be inviting a new artist to contribute a piece to this new art garden. On the Wild Side will enjoy a lifespan of approximately 3 years, offering countless opportunities to experience and share the work of art. We hope that you will continually join us to share the work of art with family, friends and community.

*This Stickwork sculpture was created primarily with strawberry guava (along with eucalyptus and white ash). According to the Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC), strawberry guava is one of the most damaging invasive plants in the state, having no natural enemies or competitors in all of Hawai’i. The 10-30 foot tall trees leave a sea of red fruits and seeds that are ingested by birds, boar and other animals and dispersed throughout forest areas. It forms dense thickets replacing native Hawaiian plants, and damages the watershed services that diverse forests provide. Its spread over thousands of acres is said to be beyond the possibility of control by existing methods. The only hope for slowing down the destructive ave of strawberry guava is to introduce a natural predator to reduce the vigor of the plant in Hawai‘i.

One of our goals for using strawberry guava is to work with organizations like MISC to help raise awareness in the larger community about Hawai‘I’s endangered ecosystems and move toward a solution.

Visit the Hui Blog or Facebook page for behind-the-scenes photos, videos, and a day-by-day log of the 3-week project.

Mahalo Nui Loa

This groundbreaking Hui project would not have been possible without the help of a strong community of inspired supporters, including nearly 200 volunteers who helped harvest materials and create the sculpture; more than 100 donors through our Kickstarter campaign, “Raise the Paddle” auction at Art Affair 2011, the Laila-Twigg Smith Fund of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation, and other individual gifts; participants of the artist talk, panel discussion, school visits, special events and program-related workshops; collaborators at MISC and DLNR; and YOU, whose involvement is vital to the success of Ho‘olili.


Paul Alkire
George & Janet Allan
Paul Allione
Jim Altieri
Sitso & Maria Bediako
Judy & Bill Bisgard
Susana Browne
John Bryant
Isabelle Buell
Nancy & Jimmy Carmody
Catering From Soup to Nuts
Katie Chapman
Laura Civitello
Miriam Clarke
Eileen Clemente
Lana Coryell
Sabrina Coryell & David Stodder
Marcia Dewey
Jennifer Ely
Judith Evans
Dennys Eymard
Sara & Tim Farrington
Robin Ferrier
Bob Flint
Sandra Florence
Denise Flynn
Sean & Kelly Flynn
Anne-Marie Forsythe
Tim Garcia
Julie Gardner
Barbara & Michael Gartner
Robert Glick
Birgitte Golden
Steve & Tamar Goodfellow
Pam Gould
Susan & Michael Graham
Mary Grandy
Stephanie Gruenert
Hanna Hammerli
Barbara & Gary Hansen
Jimmy & Honey Bun Haynes
Shannon Hoekstra
Donna Howard
John & Lee Hoxie
Nicole Hunt
Dave & Emily Ihle
David Israelite
Frank Kane
Kathleen Kastles
Kathryn Kaufmann
Brian Kelly
Peter & Laura Kelly
Caroline Killhour
Kristin La Flamme
Laila Twigg Smith Art Fund
Amanda Li Wilson
David Linn
Steve London & Diane Carr
Barbara Loveland
Molly Lynch
Melinda Lyon Bell
Kristina Lyons Lambert
Kathy Marchetti
Brian & Melia McHugh
Kelly McHugh
Mary-Kate McHugh
Patricia & John McHugh
Tommy & Mary-Kay McHugh
Jesse Mendelson
Fran Mitsumura
Lynn & Anne Monthaven
Tim Moore
Robert J. & Dr. Mary Lou Morgado
Jason Newman
Jupiter Nielsen
Rod & Jannie Olson
The Outrigger Pizza Company
Julie Peterson
Anne Pierce
Jim Powlan
Carol Preston
Carolyn Quan
Sandy Rice
Kathy Sakai
Gerrianne & Clyde Sakamoto
Claire Sanford
Maizie Sanford
Karuna Santoro
Carolyn & Jack Schaefer Gray
Doug & Jill Schatz
Cristina Schenk
Gage Schubert
Carol Schwarz
Esther Shimazu
Jazu Stine
Earl & Sandi Stoner
Clay Sutherland
Carol Suzuki
Molly Sykes
Cheryl Tipton
Tony Tollner
Paul Turner
Janis & Art von Thaden
Kim Willis
Cynthia Winan-Burns
William Worcester
Marcia & Klaus Zech
Carole Zoom


Mike Ade
Jenn Atkinson
Julia Baldwin
Kyle Barnett
Jared Barros
Wolfgang Beoker
Jill Bernshouse
Judy Bisgard
Marlee Blakeman
Lorne Boyd
Tara Branham
Zoe Brownbird
Caleb Burgess
Tom Calhoun
Miranda Camp
Kelly Cannon
John Cassel
Amy Chang
Carol Childerhose
Dan Cho
Stephanie Cliffton
Luana Coonen
Ashley Cooper
Glenn Coryell
Lana Coryell
Chris Cruikshank
Cliris Cruikshank
Janet Davis
Lance De Silva
Rachel DeBoer
Patrick Dougherty
Rachel Edelman
Deybra Fair
Sara Farrington
Tim Farrington
Tom Faught
Robin Ferrier
Sandra Florence
Anne-Marie Forsythe
Lissa Fox
Rose Gabriel
Zachary Gabriel
Tim Garcia
Ariel Gebb
Carrie Gebb
Birgitte Golden
Irene Gombac
Suzzana Goodwin
Mary Grandy
Hanna Hammerli
Kim Harter
Rachel Hecksher
Jenny-Li Hellsen
Joani Hixen
Genesis K. Ho‘opai
Rachel Hodara
Jane Honeycutt
Harriet Huff
Michelle Jewell
Claudia Johnson
Frank Kane
Kathryn Kaufmann
Lauren Kennedy
Caroline Killhour
Gilson Killhour
Heide Karin Konwalinka
Stephanie “Mapu” Kowalski
Ted Krawczyk
Larry Lambert
Becky Lewis
Pua Logan
Bev Lundquist
Rainelle Lushina
Christine MacDonald
Kathleen MacDonald
Claudio Marchetti
Don May
Kari McCarthy
Kelly McHugh
Kay McLeod
Colin Meston
Keri Meyer
Robert Meyer
Elizabeth Michalkow
Chris Miller
Gabe Mott
Jarod Mower
Taylor Nevhoff
Joan Nielsen
Jupiter Nielsen
Charlie Noland
Nathalie Nuñez
Maya Okamara
Ana Olvera
Kathy Parish
David Parrish
Jeanne Paynick
Carl Polk
Linda Proshe
Amy Puz
Rachel Ray
Ryan Rea
Sandy Rice
Miguel Rivas
Bridget Ryan
Gena Ryan
Rita Ryan
Stephanie Sachs
Renee Sante
Karuna Santoro
Jordan Santos
Linda Schenk
Wolfram Schenk
Carla Schneider
Carol Schwarz
Jenny Sheeham
Julio Spee
Michael Stone
Amy Tanzman
Carla Thistle
Courtney Turner
Abelardo Rojas Umana
Leaf Van Alstine
Christian Visoria
Fiama Von Shuetze
Neil Waring
Ed Weller
Linda Weller
Chet Witek
Grace Woods
Bill Worcester
Kathy Yoo
Nicklaus Yoo
Steve Yoo


Rici Guild
Lauren Mekeel
Menehune Water
Helen Nielsen, President, Hawaii Coastal Land Trust
Teya Penniman, Manager, Maui Invasive Species Committee
Jordan Santos
Sara Tekula, Director/Producer, “Plant a Wish” Project
John Trino
Billy Welker
Briana Welker
Maggie Welker
Keith Wolter, Executive Director of the Maui AIDS Foundation and host of KAOI’s Maui Non-Profit Director’s Association Radio Show


Pam Andelin & Chuck Gray
Kathy Baldwin
Jill Bernshouse
Billy & Judy Bisgard
Patrick Dougherty
Ron Durette
Tim & Sara Farrington
Dr. James & Robin Ferrier
Tim Garcia
Lynne Gilroy & Don Bernshouse
Birgitte Golden
Ruth Goodfellow
Shannon Hoekstra
Donna Howard
Kimberly Howard-Carhart
Hal Jobe & Gary Mohrlang
Gilson & Caroline Killhour
Heidi Karin Konwalinka
Ted Krawczyk
Thomas Lambert & Kristina Lyons Lambert
Craig Lofton
Anders Lyons & Kiera Strohm-Herman
Judy McCorkle & Tom Reed
Teya & Jay Penniman
Wendy Peterson
Sandy Rice
Don Shamblin & Vincent Palmieri
Jill Spalding
Jane Thompson
Janis von Thaden

How to Get Involved

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Executing an artistic collaboration of this scale requires a lot of help. We have been fortunate to receive support from the Laila Twigg Smith Art Fund of the Hawai‘i Community Foundation, private donations, our Kickstarter campaign, and funds raised through our February 2011 Art Affair benefit – but we still need your help to continue to develop Ho‘ololi! Please consider making pledge today.

Spread the Word!
Please share this information with friends, family, colleagues, social networks and more. This is an “arts for social change” project — using the arts as a catalyst for engaging each other in a communal dialogue, in a BIG way!

Sign Up for a Field Trip
Explore & Discover: A Class Field Trip Collaboration Between Hui No`eau & The Maui Invasive Species Committee (MISC) / All Ages
Dates & Times Scheduled on a First-Come-First-Served Basis
The Stickwork sculpture is more than a beautiful work of art- it represents a well thought-out process of preserving our native Hawaiian forests and making a difference as a team. Bring your class to the Hui to join Hui teaching artists and MISC educators as we use the visual arts as a means of understanding the importance of protecting our natural island resources. Choose from projects like Form Changing Flip Books (to take home with you at the end of class), that illustrate the rate of introduction of different plants and insects to our Hawaiian islands or contribute to the Hui Ho`ololi Mural (to remain on Hui grounds), which illustrates the different tree species used in Dougherty’s sculpture, as well as colorful components of the country’s culture from which they derive. Fee: $10 per student/ 10-student minimum. Contact Kelly McHugh, Youth Programs & Marketing Manager to coordinate your visit today: (808) 572-6560 ext 29


Check out the day-by-day process (17 days total!) on the HuiBlog
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Patrick Dougherty Website
Building with Sticks and Stones” by Penelope Green, New York Times, October 2010
Update on the forthcoming “Bending Sticks” feature-length documentary
Dougherty receives Elizabeth and Mallory Factor Prize for Southern Art


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